Authentic cuisine at a reasonable price

I had studied Japanese cooking at some resutaurants in Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto for 17years.

Tsutsumi opened on April 4, 2009 when I was 35. (‘Tsutsumi’ is my family name.)

I would like many people to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price.

There are 2 kinds of monthly chef’s choice course.(5,000yen/7,000yen)

We have the only 8 counter seats. (All seats are non smoking.)

Enjoy delicious time calmly in a quiet space.

Commitment to taste

I always try to cook meal that makes the most of the original taste of lacal ingredients.

I dish up as simple as possible, not gorgeous.

I combine the ingredients with unconventional thinking.
For example, I had never served sliced raw fish with soy sauce, but with a sauce of something vegetables or fruits.

I have never served exactly the same dish, so you can enjoy eat new menu every time.

I hope you meet the splendor of Japanese food and have a great time at Tsutusmi.